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1.The “Law Enforcement Bundle”, a free add-on provided by Basis Technology, provides access to which of the following databases?


C ) Project Vic

2.Image Gallery folders are prioritized based on ________

B ) Density of hash hits and number of images in folder

3.True or False: A purple dashed line around an image indicates that it was taken with an iPhone

B ) False

4.True or False: The Image Gallery provides an infinite scroll bar of thumbnails

B ) False

5.What is the name of the button that will take an analyst to the next group of Image Gallery photos?

C ) Next Unseen group

6.True or False: The C4ALL database with MD5 hashes are provided by Basis Technology

B ) False

7.How can Autopsy integrate with Project Vic?

B ) By importing hash values into hash sets named based on their categories. 

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